I have become involved in several different social media efforts, all of them focused around trying to define what it is to leverage this technology to market and benefit a business or a brand.

I have many, many discussions with associates on the benefit to a personal brand, but I am most interested in the benefit to a brand or a companies product in terms of connecting to prospects, consumers and stakeholders – that what i want to explore and it comes through in a lot of my writing at the various locations I post most often.

I also think it is important to adhere to the premise of transparentcy and honest in the social media world, so you will always find me expressing an honest opinion albeit in a typically non-confrontational way – I just do not see the value in disparaging others in my interactions or in making intentionally rude remarks.

The blogsphere, to me, is a the domain of the citizen journalist and as such, the citizen journalist needs to adhere to many of the same standards of reporting as a mainstream media person.

Anyway, that’s it here at StevenGroves.com – come visit my other writings at InTheLeftLaneOnline.com, WorldWebinarNetwork.com Ning site and at my favorite nonprofit, Miracle League of Arizona.

Back to making sure this blog is properly configured… where is that blogroll typelist?