In December we had a session with Jason Baer of Convince and Convert.  The session included Jay, Guy Powell and myself and we had several listeners who stayed with us for the 50 minutes of the program.  When I got the show downloaded, we discovered that the quality of the recording was intolerable and, much to my disappointment, I am unable to provide the podcast here, but we did get a truly HUGE effort from our transcriber, Cynthia Propst and we did the get a transcription of the episode.  The session was great and well worth the time to read!

Here is the transcript posted at Scribd and here is a summary of the points we discussed.

  • How to develop metrics for an engagement and how the non-financial metrics are tracked and what they can mean
  • His perspective on agencies supporting a clients social media presence
  • Comparing an effort for a B2B vs. a B2C effort
  • How companies are starting to invest in social media and see social as an aspect of most all their media
  • The ‘lifetime value of a customer’ concept as it relates to social media
  • Why an online community connection does not mean ‘customer’
  • Opt-in messages in social media re much more powerful than traditional media exposures
  • Comparison of Word of Mouth and social media marketing tactics and how they are similar
  • How social media tactics are used in short term campaigns to support customer acquisition and retention
  • The computer and information technology group in the corporation is being driven out of the equation and marketing is taking over
  • He shares some simple tactics for checking the success of social campaigns

The event was a lot of fun and we appreciated Jay’s participation.

Next up in the series – Twitter influence measurement; see you all soon!

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