SCVA Dog at“…As I have said many times, it does not matter what you call the dog, as long as it brings back the bone.

I do agree with you about that boardroom conversation though.

That is the difficulty in obtaining the revolutionary changes required to cope with broadband empowered individuals. You need memetic branding to survive.”

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I LOVE the SCVA dog! Then again, I’m a fan of the Wizard of Oz story anyway.

The name of the dog however is not a trivial matter.  The dogs name in our discussion here is a metaphor for the concept of how we describe the development of respect and status in a social media setting.

We’re a society that counts on the semantics to understand the conversation, so we may participate in it.  Whuffies is a great term, I like it as a rule, but to use it to refer to the reputation we manage & maintain, how will we involve those who feel a need to connect with the old to make a break though to the new?  Only a brilliant few can make a clean break with the old and move to the new without hesitation.

Social media is changing how we connect to one another, it is changing how we interact and, for business, how we draw customers and stakeholders to us.  Pull is the new paradigm, not the beat-you-over-the-head-and-interrupt-you push model of old – social media is the underlying model that pull marketing requires.

So when we’re in the middle of changing one part of the equation, should we try to change all the parts at once?  The conversation HAS to be framed in a context that the audience requires and can connect to or else we lose them and the progress that could be made is lost.

Social Capital or Wuffie… let’s not scare off the natives…