TweetDeck_Bird seesmic-logoFirst to state my perspective – I’ve been a TweetDeck user almost since it came out and usually have it running on a second screen at my desk so I can manage the messages from the 1,100+ followers and 840+ people I follow myself.

It’s an important tool in the social media tool box for me because I’ve stopped trying to manage a mobile twitter capability on my Moto Q.  The SMS flow just gets jammed up whenever I do turn it on – might be a cause of the hardware, network, but regardless of the root cause, I just leave it off on the mobile; it’s the desktop for me and in my perspective the client war just heated up with the introduction by Loic Le Meur’s group at Seesmic with the Seesmic Desktop.

Both of these are free clients available from their developers, but TweetDeck recently secured some $300K in angel-level investment so I’d imagine Iain Dodsworth is looking to make sure his product is tight and does not loose any substantial part of his user base to Loic’s product.  Seesmic is ready for him though with a much larger warchest of over $6M raised last year.  This could get real interesting real fast, today TweetDeck posted an update with Facebook Integration and a few patches that had been plaguing them.

I downloaded it at the tweeted behest of my friend and social media mentor, Francine Hardaway / Stealthmode Partners, and after installing it I immediately liked what I saw – a clean, brighter skin than I had with TweetDeck and a built-in color coding of tweets send to me and my direct messages.  I have been exploring it since and here’s what else I like –

  • ability to click-select the URL trimming service of my choice (I use
  • easily create Userlists of friends (easily created lists of ‘Friends’, ‘The Social Media Bible’, ‘Arizona Tweeters’ and ‘Second Life’)
  • quickly built / remember searches (variations on The Social Media Bible and Second Life, using Boolean operators like ‘OR’ for a single search)
  • ability to add other Twitter accounts quickly and easily (just loaded up @StevenGroves, but have a few others I’ll get to)

…and all this is easily accessed via a easy to view left side panel.

I am finding the need to edit, change something a little frustrating, like having made a mistake (me?!  a mistake!?) in the search parameter, changing the Userlist name and wanting a bigger header in the search panels, but I may be missing the edit function somewhere.  Let me know if you’ve come across it…

Verdict – I like the new Seesmic Desktop and I just saw a tweet from a friend that suggested the new TweetDeck upgrade wiped out his groups – bummer @Shailesh.  I think I’ll stay on Seesmic Desktop a few more days.  Ask me later what I decided to stay with.