Just prior to the weekend I got a new follower on Twitter; not all that unusual anymore, but they had tweeted soon after "Setting a goal to earn 2000 followers by June 2. Think I can do it? Want to help? RT appreciated!"

I’ve pursued my following with much less fervor and I do not follow everyone that follows me and I’ve only blocked one person.  I had to look this up the other day so I happen to know that I’ve been using Twitter since January 2007, about 6 months after they started the service, and this morning I’m up to 1,344 followers. 

I asked my new follower "what significance is there to having 2,000 followers? Just asking…" to which they responded by saying it was simply a goal; no rhyme or reasons to it, it was a measurable quantifiable goal that they could assign a number and a date to.

This type of goal setting behavior is an excellent tactic to meet a goal – really… being a big fan of setting and achieving goals, this tactic is one that I have seen work again and again.  Maybe I’m a slacker when it comes to trying to get followers because I’ve never felt the need to try and connect to everyone I came across *sigh*

Maybe they need to connect to another new follower I just received this morning whom, when I checked, had followed 1,889 people, convinced 901 of them to follow him back and he had made just 4 posts to this Twitter site.  *shakes my head*

I am not sure however that setting these kinds of goals for a social media following are either meaningful or useful -0 they might be fun, like the run up to a million users between Ashton Krutchner and CNN. 

Once these people get to 2,000 followers then what?  Will it be the right community the tweeter is trying to connect to?  personally or professionally I think it’d matter.  Imagine for a second that they have a marketing service, what most of the 2,000 follower came from MySpace and or the majority of them were automatic follows from companies or individuals?  What if they are not listening to the stream of messages that they had subscribed to?  Why bother subscribing to the 2,000 followers!