TSMB_1FaceLeft The book is out, in book stores and sales appear to be going well.   The book however is a static reference and as Lon has worked on getting it out, he and I both realized a more dynamic, electronic version was warranted – theSocialMediaBible.com

The trail has led us down a path where social media played a large roll in the sites development – MediaSauce, our site development partner was identified though social media – a post on LinkedIn ended up connecting us to James Burnes, their VP of Business Development and that put the initial book site up.  One of the podcast interviews Lon conducted connected us to Kyle Ford at Ning.com and that has supported us in the development of our community site using the Ning platform.

There have been a myriad of other stories that we share at events and speaking engagement about the power of social media and how it has support both the production of the book and the companion site, we hope you’ll be around at one of the speaking events and get to hear more about them.

Since the book began shipping in full force on the 5th, I’ve been very busy getting the online properties supporting the book and the community aligned.  My blog has suffered a bit, bummer.

I’m back though and I’m working to provide more content here about the business of social media with analysis and commentary.

An easy way to stay connected on what’s happening and how we’re exploring the applications of social media for business, join the Social Media Bible Community Site at http://socialmediabible.ning.com!