Working as a marketer in social media, a typical question is how do I find prospects for my product in service in social media?  My answer, aside from first listening for mentions of your name, company, product or brand, is to also listen for what it is your product or service addresses.

Today I had a follow up with my dermatologist and in my pleasure of a mostly clean bill of health, I tweeted “Skin Dr says I’m good! Just dry skin!” with in a few minutes I received the following –


The link led to their web page where I saw some pretty ugly pics of Infantile Eczema and how their 100% natural product benefited that poor pink baby.  I also learned that they are pretty good brand in the UK.  Hmm… I might try some of their stuff (never have before and do not have any of their products in my house).

What I also gained out of this was another case study on how to engage an audience.  Maybe not perfectly, but to me it was obvious they were listening to the social conversation at least.

I’ve tell business and brands that if you really want to connect to the audience, think for a moment about what it is your prospects are looking for, what condition or symptom they are trying to deal with when they might be looking for your product or service – when you uncover it, let them know you are open to the engagement.

In my case, I’m looking for a way to treat dry skin.  What if you sold aspirin?  Look for headaches / body pain.  Auto body repair? someone commenting that they’ve been in an accident (hmm… good topic for ambulance chasing lawyers too I suppose).

You get the idea – to paraphrase Wayne Gretsky “don’t go to where the puck is, skate to where the puck is going”.