After more than a few years using a completely PC environment, I find myself using a Macbook Pro on a daily basis.  Here at the ProfitStreams office, I have zero issues about how the device is working for me, but at the home office I have yet to figure out how to configure the Epson WiFi printer I have there – the instructions seem a little cryptic and very little translates over from my experience as a PC.

Why the move?  I’m more deeply involved with the marketing department here and Mac is a favorite for them with the notable exception of the creative director who is using one of the most impressive PC configurations I’ve ever seen – a quad-processor, solid-state drive based system that absolutely SCREAMS through the Adobe Creative Suite like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

I remember Brent Spores early days of and find some great content there that is helping with the transition, but I still feel like the transition is pretty much an effort that I have to tackle on my own.  This post is a great example; I am using a trial version of Red Sweaters MarsEdit to draft this because I have the paradigm of using Windows Live Writer as my prior blog editor.  Differences include the fact that WLW  is a free tool, MarsEdit is $40 and, interestingly, does not show up in the new Apple App Store. (update – it IS available at the Mac App Store – my bad)

The demo also seem unable to add pictures or images, so my usual tactic of inserting at lease one image per post is not yet possible. (update – Daniel at Red Sweater is awesome!  He helped with just a few ideas and *poof* the image appears!  Thanks @; off to purchase!)