ROI of Social Media graphic at Lon Safko, Guy Powell and I all wish you a very Happy Holiday Season, hope that your 2009 Christmas was enjoyable and that your 2010 New Year celebration is both safe and relaxing.  We too are getting ready to launch a new year here at and undertake an even more extensive library of content revolving around social media for business, business marketing a and media.

In this episode of the ROI of Social Media Series, we explore the question of assessing Sentimentality and Tonality in social media, an area that as Aaron reminds us, is still more of an art than a science.

The process of establishing an automated model in the SM2 product however can yield useful and relevant results.  Aaron and Mike suggest that a company can achieve some pretty Artificial Brain at StevenGroves.comreasonable results at the macro level, but we are just not at a per comment or micro level, which is why at this point of creating relevant metrics there is a human component that the computer cannot understand – yet.  There is a role for people in the effort and there is a role for technology.

Getting the general direction however is more than possible and by comparing a month by month a business can get a great sense of trends and velocity.  How do you get a sense of progress however?  Mike unveils that SM2 maintains a storehouse that can be used for baseline comparisons – it’s a capability that SM2 users have had available to them for quite some time.

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