ROI of Social Media at Part three of the interview with Mike Talbot and Aaron Newman of Alterian SM2 finds us discussion the topic of how do you value a social media mention.

If social media is going to be an additional tool in the marketers toolbox, the simple mention of the brand will have some value to it – repeated mentions by the same person might have you classify them as an ‘Brand Advocate’ and worthy of special treatment, depending on what they say of course.

Aaron provides these four attributes to help assess the value of a social media mention and discusses them in-depth –

    • Authority,
    • discoverability,
    • life time, and
    • sentiment

Art_Science Aaron reiterates again that measurement is is still more of an art vs. a science today.

Mike goes further though and states that social media monitoring is not just about monitoring the campaign interactions.  There is a lot of value in being able to measure and read an unguarded, honest commentary stream to understand how a customer views the brand.

In this series so far, Mike and Aaron are uncovering great tips on the process of monitoring a social media presence – a few more episodes ahead of us before the Holiday!

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