ROI of Social Media logo at In this episode we press Marcel for the answer to the ROI question and he really delivers.  According to Marcel, the social web provides a greater capability than ever before.

When we examine the traditional media measures, PR and marketing professionals use the circulation of a magazine, times the cost of an ad in that magazine and that is the ROI.  The difficulty is than when you publish an article in say a magazine, you cannot tell who read the article, dog eared it, forwarded or took action on it.

In social media the ability to measure activity and behavior on the social web can be much more precise is what he says – and based upon what I’ve seen so far, I agree.

Picture of Marcel LeBrun CEO of Radian6 posted at Marcel suggests that an important thing for a brand to do, right now, is to at least start to listen.  He states that the ultimate point for a brand is to get to the engagement stage with all the key business process that occur on line – PR, customer service / support, sales and marketing.

  • PR will need to listen to monitor the brand and to finding influencers in the market.
  • Customer support should can use the social web to find & address customer care issues (often at a lower cost than call in or direct routes)
  • Sales needs to listen to particular clients, relative to their conversation regarding competitors, their brand or even to embrace a more personal relationship with a client
  • Marketing listens to the point of need as well

Radian6 logo at Marcel also suggests that a mature, engaged, unmasked transparent brand will have a social media initiative running across the enterprise in an integrated fashion and he states why.

Guy Powel and I wrap the podcast as Guy shares that a multi-dimensional approach, in general is lacking with most marketers in the traditional and social media space – traditional media does not always understand social media and vice versa.  Which I think is the reason we’re working on the series – there will be a marriage of the two as social-based media becomes mainstream.

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This is the final post in the interview with Marcel LeBrun, CEO of Radian6.

Guy and I both would like to thank Marcel for his time and willingness to meet and share his perspective on the topic.  Below are a few links to material related to the interview that you may find useful; a transcript of the discussion and the entire conversation in one extended recording.

We’re very interested in your perspective on the topic and, if you have a favored presenter or person who can add to the conversation, please let us know – we’re looking to interview him / her and put it up here!

Thank you again to you our listeners – hope you enjoyed the effort and work we put into it!

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