ROI_SMGraphics_LG We’re past the guessing stage as to whether or not social media in a marketing sense is here to stay or not – media that includes social elements are definitely here to stay and we expect them to be come more, much more pervasive over the next few years.  The question now is about the tactics, tools and strategies of what a successful social media presence for a business or a brand looks like.

Marcel LeBrun, CEO of Radian6, a tool in social media metrics and listening technology, sat down and shared an extended conversation about how he sees companies thinking about social media.

He observes three level of maturation in the evolution of using social media in business –

  • Level 1 = listening
  • Level 2 = listening /engagement
  • Level 3 = listening / engagement / meaningful response

Marcel suggests that there are different models for different uses of social media in different business processes.  comcast_logo When it comes to a model of using social media in Customer Support, he cites the Comcast experience that recognized that the customers time is just as important as the customer support departments time – perhaps even more so.  The response is @ComcastCares on Twitter and a steady effort to find and support customers.

Guy Powell provided a segment that he recorded during his recent trip to / from Singapore. We add his comments perspective from the other side of the world to the back of the segment.  Welcome home Amigo!

To support the effort in uncovering the ROI question in social media, we’ve set up a Fan Page at Facebook, a LinkedIn Group and a special discussion group on the Social Media Bible Ning site.  Come join us and let us know what the pressing issues are in your efforts to determine an ROI in your social media presence.

Play / Download Marcel LeBrun Episode 3 Podcast Here

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