ROI_SMGraphics_LG It might be a trend that I am just now seeing more often than ever before because of my work with Guy Powell, but it seems like lately every time I turn around, I’m seeing people discussing the ROI of social media with more and more earnest.  From my perspective, this is a good thing for companies, individuals and the industry of social media at large.  It validates our work and the years invested in developing a background in social media as a springboard for even better work.

Radian6 is one of the early developers in this space and continues to be a preferred monitoring and brand management tool in the space.  Marcel LeBrun is the CEO for Radian6 and he carved out a good deal of time to talk with us about the ROI of social media and how they see the space shaping up.

Marcel_LeBrun In this episode, Marcel and I discuss the question “Is social media the next enterprise application?” and we explore the use of the phrase “social phone” that Radian6 has coined and how it is a model of the conversational aspect of social media and inbound, consumer invitation-based marketing.

The previous podcast is here and the next one will be posted in a few days after I help facilitate the 4th Annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference, attend WordCamp AZ (maybe my blog will improve!) and my 3rd year of PodCamp AZ.  A very busy ‘Geek Week’ in Phoenix (use of the phrase Geek Week has been approved by Brian Shaler, a local Geek Week Proponent and Activist, and Brent Spore, who was interviewed by the Arizona Republic last week and ‘Geek Week’ was the headline topic!)

BTW: We introduced Guy Powell in the series, but Guy was (and is again) travelling on business.  He was not able to join us in the recording; he did get a word in edgewise on the last recording and will make it in future recording – no worries and safe travels Guy!

Play / Download Marcel LeBrun Episode 2 Podcast Here