ROI of Social media logo at In this episode Lewis Goldman of shares some of the successes has had along with some of the lessons learned.

The first is the booming growth in the adoption of mobile, their application for placing orders on a variety of mobile platforms is growing rapidly.  Today you can use your Blackberry, Android, or iPhone to place an order from the Mobile Gift Center in several categories for personal or business.

1800Flowers_Logo[1] has not been afraid to try out new ideas has often been a first mover in many areas to stay connected to their audience and they try a lot of things, sometime uncertain of the outcome; case in point was the effort in creating a store in the 3D social platform of Second Life, which they discovered was not the right platform at the time to connect them to their audience.

A success is the development of the ideal customer model, which they have named ‘Tina’. Tina is the aggregate persona of the ideal customer, which embodies the characteristics of the buying behavior they see in the market overall.  Lewis shows us how they referenced Tina in the ‘Spot-a-Mom’ campaign leading up to Mothers Day in 2009.

To begin with, you need to know that Mothers Day is one of the two largest holidays for florists all year – Christmas is a bit bigger in terms of number of people ordering flowers and Valentines Day is third.   I know some of this because my Mother was an award winning florist and we always knew that during the big floral holidays, we were not going to see Mom for the weeks leading up to the holiday.

For Mothers Day 2009, wanted to make sure that there was ‘No Mom Left Behind’, that all Mom’s, regardless of how they came by the title, we’re recognized with a gift.   Leveraging the 1800Flowers blog by Floral Lifestyle Expert Julie Mulligan, and with support by their PR organization, they undertook an outreach program 6 weeks before the holiday.  In the effort, they identified several types of bloggers, reached out to them and gave those bloggers a reason to talk to their readership regarding   By the time the holiday came around, they estimate that they had touched around 6 million prospective customer, even before they started the formal advertising campaign, and the net result was increased sales and more sales earlier than ever before.

When we asked ‘What metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) does 1800Flowers track ?’, Lewis tells us that there are three primarily –

  • With sales revenue as a primary objective, they use promotion codes extensively.  A set of codes are given to partners, those partners can then provide them to their audience, and as an incentive for the consumer to use the code, it also provides a discount on a order.
  • A second measure is ‘untagged’ traffic.  This is the number of visitors to the site that have not been referred or do not use a promotion code, and
  • the third is a ‘share of mind’ or the number of discussion going on about vs. key competitors in the social media ecosphere

twitter_bird Twitter use is growing for them as well.  They have over 50 CSR on Twitter and part of their job is to look for people who have issues in their use of 1800Flowers and tweet some comment about it.  Lewis talks about how they set up the first-responder program, again just prior to the 2009 Mothers Day holiday and what their results were.  As a measure of the success of the program, they evaluated the tone and sentiment of messages in the week following the holiday and they found that of all the mentions on customers experiences around flowers and florists, around 2/3 were positive for and in comparison, 3/4 of the comments made about a major competitor ranked negative.  A definitive measure?  No, but certainly it shows that 1800Flowers is listening and that the ability to provide a first responder capability can impact market perception.

Lewis wraps up the conversation explaining how they have implemented 3 Twitter channels, each focusing on a different type of conversation – one for communication / interactive (marketing & branding), one for customer service, and one as a discount channel.  The discount channel helps move perishable inventory at a savings for the customer and at a profit for that might have been otherwise been taken as waste / shrinkage.

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