ROI_SMGraphics_LG The ROI of social media has been a favored topic of mine that I have been exploring since Robert Scoble and Chris Heuer came to Phoenix in late 2006 as part of an OTEF event at Grand Canyon College that year on the paradigm shift taking place in marketing.  My partner, Lon Safko was also at the event, but we had not met at the time – our partnership was still ahead of us then.

Since then I’ve made the journey from that point to an understanding that social media is now an essential component of an effective online marketing presence.  One of the connections I’ve made on the journey as well is with Guy Powell, the author of “Marketing Calculator: Measuring and Managing Return on Marketing Investment”.  As we got to talking, we decided to collaborate on the ROI question and turn his special talents on marketing ROI with the expertise I have in social media and see what happens.

radian6_logo We collaborated on a whitepaper (to be published soon) and now, we’ve come up with an interview with the top executive for a leading provider of social media metrics tool as a podcast.

Marcel LeBrun is CEO of Radian6 and in the conversation, we meet Marcel and dive into the company he has helped build.  Guy was traveling at the time of the recording, so we miss his voice, other than a short tag on he and I recorded after the fact to make sure his comments are included.  There are several episodes in this interview which will be posted here, at and by Guy at his website,

In this episode, Marcel shares a little of his background, how he and the founder (Chris Newton) connected to build Radian6 and how companies and agencies are using Radian6 to manage and monitor a brand in the social media arena.  He observes how social media has begun to creep into more and more areas in the enterprise and how businesses might respond.

To support the effort in uncovering the ROI question in social media, we’ve set up a Fan Page at Facebook, a LinkedIn Group and a special discussion group on the Social Media Bible Ning site.  Come join us and let us know what the pressing issues are in your efforts to determine an ROI in your social media presence.

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