Eric Bryant came up with the idea of holding a discussion with various practitioners and consultants on the topic of ‘Web3.0’ as a follow on to his post at, and I accepted the challenge of making it happen.

Web30Smackdown_Logo As I thought about it, I recognized Eric’s involvement in the real estate industry (and with my roots in the real estate industry,) I wanted to cover the impact on social media real estate, but not just real estate. I approached Tyler Hurst at Podcamp AZ and asked if he might be up for a discussion and he leapt at the topic, expressing several opinions.  Zane was the first comment on Eric’s post and when you read it, you’ll see he has a few opinions about it as well.  Lastly, but really the first person I though of as Eric and I talked, was Jay Thompson, an ace practitioner in social media and, of course he happens to also be in real estate.

I wondered how these guy would interact and get along and I realized, it did not matter at all – every opinion about the future of social media is valid and some may actually be sharply contrasting so I moved ahead, accepting that there may be some debate on the topic and then it struck me.

I’m a long time Phoenician and in this neck of the woods, the Mexican style of wrestling, is called Lucha libre (Spanish for “free wrestling” or free fighting) refers to a form of professional wrestling involving varied techniques, characterized by rapid sequences of holds and moves, as well as ‘high-flying moves’.  This theme would be fun to use to stage the conversation and debate on Web3.0, so there you have it.

Are You Ready to RUMMMMBBBLLLLEEE?!  We’re doing it as a BlogTalkRadio event at and space will be limited so visit now, get your spot reserved – should be fun, informative and *smack* exciting!

What The Web3.0 Smackdown
When Tuesday, November 25 – 11:00A Phoenix, 10:00A Pacific
Who The Lucha Libre of Web3.0
Where BlogTalkRadio
Why Exploring how and where we’ll be 1-2 or 3 years hence