Steven Groves is an innovator and highly-strategic thinker in digital marketing tools and tactics.  Data and research backup the work he does and businesses get a strong foundation on which direction to take and where to best engage their audience for digital marketing. He is very approachable and open to working with smart people on good ideas.

Digital Marketing Strategist – Steven has worked with hundreds of companies and researched thousands of websites to understand how the online presence works and what matters most. His work has been highly reviewed and lauded as relevant and actionable. 

Author / Technical Editor – Steven is co-author of the “ROI of Social Media: How to improve the return on your social marketing investment” with his business partner, Guy Powell and Technical Editor for John Lovett’s, “Secrets of Social Media Metrics, both published by John Wiley & Sons.

Entrepreneurial – Steven works with growth companies primarily in the North America.  He has experience however in AsiaPac working with FMCG and in Europe, working with consulting associates.  He is a partner at ProRelevant Marketing Solutions and CEO of Social Marketing Conversations.

Instigator / Innovator – Steven is the designer and developer of Preznc Report, a competitive assessment of your company’s online presence as well as developing reference models for use of social media by the real estate and restaurant industries.  He is the local organizer for 1Million Cups in Charlotte, an entrepreneurial pitch educational program and community effort for the Kauffman Foundation. He is a member of the National Strategic Resources team at the National Center for Economic Gardening, housed at the Edward Lowe Foundation

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