ROI of Social Media badge at Social Marketing Conversations Esmee Williams is the VP of Brand Strategy for, the largest online community for food and home entertainment.  How they achieved that position, what they’re doing in social media, how they measure their ROI and what they see coming up is what we’ve had the pleasure to discuss with Esmee in this series of podcast episodes, all part of the ROI of Social Media series.  In our last episode, Esmee shared how they work with the brands from various Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies to support efforts to connect with the AllRecipes community on their site. logo at Social Marketing Conversations In this episode, Esmee tells us that in the food world people tend to use traditional media because the format (print) is ideal for use in the kitchen and for casual reading – the typical consumption pattern for food and entertainment content.  Esmee and the team are keeping an eye on devices like the iPad and how they impact that model.  What Esmee sees is that there are two modes of use the device bridges – one mode of usage is the casual reading we just covered and the other is when a user makes a search on specific ingredients, usually indicating they are looking to prepare a meal for those ingredients.  Both are common with their member / user base and they want to make sure they address the different user models regardless of platform.

The future of social media in the food area is very exciting for AllRecipes.  Esmee suggests that the evolution of content on the web related to food and entertaining will be relative to the interactions available with other cooks and the quality of the recipes provided.  She asks us to imagine the blending of social media, recipes, video and the utility provided by grocery loyalty programs and smart appliances.

If you tie all that to recipes behaviors and by using collaborative filtering, you could feasibly get meal plans provided relative to what you actually have on hand in your refrigerator automatically delivered.  Smart appliances support that paradigm via the emerging technology that are now being placed on food and a smartphone can scan that sticker and provide recipes using the ingredient related to the season.

Esmee Williams headshot at Social Marketing Converaations As we conclude, Esmee shares more about how AllRecipes has been expanding overseas in 15 different countries that embrace the local food culture.  The impact will expand the user base in those countries and provide am expanded recipe base of authentic preparations; while a French cook may not be too interested in what a hoe chef in Mississippi says about preparing éclairs, a cook in Mississippi might be very interested in how a French cook prepares a genuine éclair.  Likewise if a consumer decides they want a real taste of Mexico, they’ll be able to get a recipe from a home chef of Tacos al Carbone.

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This is the final episode of the five part podcast with Esmee Williams.  Guy Powell and I want to thank her; we appreciate her perspective and taking the time to share it with us in our podcast interview!

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