The first installment at has concluded on the topic of Web3.0.

Many, many thanks to the participants and panelist.  The interaction was lively and the topic engaging.

Donkey_JackassJay Thompson /, Tyler Hurst /, Zane Burnett / and of course, the ultimate instigator of this whole event, Eric Bryant /  Guys, just a whale of a good time and thanks for being a part of it.

I had a lot of fun using the Masked Mexican / Lucha Libre Wrestler theme too… Eric weighed in with a jump from the ropes about 1/2 way in and you could hear the crowd cheering or booing along with the ring bell.

By the way, if you’re wondering where the ‘SkyNet’ and ‘Donkey’ came from, as we covered the use of the moniker ‘Web3.0’ and how useful / useless it might be to define the next iteration, in the chat Tyler Hurst came up with his pick for the name of the next generation – yep, ‘Donkey’ is it and you heard it here first!  SkyNet?  Check the Terminator series of movies…

Speaking of hearing it here, here is a link to the playback – thanks again everyone!

(Image courtesy of jpockele on Flickr)