I’m a bit of a foodie and treat it like I do a lot of stuff – I kind of ‘geek’ on it.  My fav chef is Alton Brown, primarily because he explains the science behind the process and for me, it helps me understand the process well enough so that I can apply the same tactic to other ingredients.  It makes cooking fun for me.

This is my first post on the new StevenGroves.com (welcome BTW and thanks for visiting) so like everyday at my place, I’m going to start it with breakfast.

breakfast ingredients at StevenGroves.com

Here’s where we begin – two eggs, two uncooked, unseasoned, skinless pork sausages and a bread.

Spices for Breakfast Sausage at StevenGroves.com

The sausages are the real highlight of the meal for me and here’s why – I spice them by hand.

For this, I start with a sausage that sometimes is a little hard to find unless you shop at a Kroger-branded store.  The brand of sausage is ‘Farmland’; in the freezer section, look for unseasoned, skinless and no MSG.  The fact they are unseasoned is a huge benefit because I get to make them taste like what I want – which in this case is red pepper flakes, coarse rubbed sage and white pepper.

Sausages in the Pan at StevenGroves.comI start by warming a small cast iron skillet.  After placing the sausages in the center, I sprinkle with sage, white pepper and then the red pepper flakes and then roll the sausages a bit in the mixture in the pan, coating the bottom and sides.  Then relax and let the heat do it’s thing.

I cook them at a medium temperature so it take a while for the outside to crisp just a bit.  After the second or third turn, I warm the egg pan and make sure the bagel is split and ready to go.

Once the eggs are in the pan, I make the final turn to brown the outside and push the button on the toaster oven for the bagel.  I just a few more minutes I’m at the table with a delicious breakfast meal.  After that, I think I’m ready for anything the day has to offer!

Sage, white pepper and red pepper flakes are my favorite, but how would you season the sausages?  Share your favorite flavors in the comments below!

Socially Yours,
Steven Groves