It happened again today… after I finished my morning allocation of  coffee from the drip coffee machine at home, I wanted another cuppa coffee, but did not really want to brew a whole pot.


I reminisced for a moment about when I was in Mazatlan and in the morning the Barista at the coffee shop didn’t have a fancy brewer, no urn to hold coffee and dispense from.  What I remembered they did have though was a great tasting cup of coffee… and then I remembered my own version for the one-cup-at-a-time option – a filtercone brewer.


I’ve tried coffees from a huge variety of brewing tactics – single-source coffee from a coffee-siphon, a french press, with the Clover brewer (from the world’s corner coffee shop), cowboy coffee over a campfire and quite possibly everything in between.  Filtercone brewers are probably the simplest, quickest way to brew a single cup of coffee.  It is not using freeze-dried crystals (ughh) or any great science – it’s coffee, water, gravity and time.  The people at SweetMarias’com (excellent, detailed discussion BTW) go into the science a bit deeper than I intend to, but as I setup my rig and started to make a single cup of coffee, I realized that many people might have seen these things in the store and wondered first, what is that?  and if they knew WHAT it was they might wonder, ‘how does that work?’ – I love how inspiration visits me sometimes :).


Here we go, first collect the hardware & software –

  • Hardware
    • Electric kettle
    • Filtercone brewer / filter
    • Coffee cup
  • Software
    • Ground coffee – regular grind will do, espresso grind is better


Of course a stove kettle would work just as well, but the electric ones – wow, they boil water fast!


Assembly and prep is about 15 seconds, maybe 30 seconds  if you wash the filter as suggested by Sweet Marie’s; I had not been, but it does make sense – probably will going forward.  Assemble the rig by placing the filter in the brewer and spoon in your favorite coffee.  I use 2 tablespoons per cup of water – not as precise as some many grams of coffee per ounces of water, but a good rule of thumb.


Filtercone brewer in bloom at

Next douse the grounds with a bit of water just off the boil and let it bloom, which means let it stand for a bit as the hot water draws the coffee oils out of the bean.  This is really visible in a coffee press, but the effect is diminished in this preparation. Pour the rest of the water slowly into the grounds, being careful not to pour too quickly and run over the top of the brewer.  The water will run through the grounds, the filter holds the grounds as the water seeps through and in just a few minutes – voila, a fresh brewed and very tasty cup of coffee.


Clean up is just as quick – pour out the remainder of  water, pull the paper filter from the brewer, rinse out or wash the brewer itself and your done!


Enjoy your cuppa’ joe there you Gypsy Bohemian… you’ve worked hard for it.