ROI_SMGraphics_LG_thumb22_thumb12_thumb[1] Social interactions provides a draw for cooks off the site and provides a bit more distraction, but they do not displace anything they are doing.  Integrating into the social media ecosphere however does help to extend the brand experience, ala a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter presence that spans not only news, but country specific IDs for Australia / New Zealand, Quebec, the UK, Nederland, and France.

allrecipes.comlogo_thumb[1] In our last episode, Esmee Williams, VP of Brand Strategy shared ideas about the way they tailor the presentation of content for the platform the user opts to access the sit with.  In the first episode, we met Esmee and she gave us tips on how grew to become the worlds largest food and recipe site in the world.

What’s the most important metric for AllRecipes?

esmee_bw_upclose[1] The most important metric used to be the unique visitor, but with so many platforms this metric is not as meaningful to them.  The most useful metric today is the # of visits per person and frequency, which is an indicator of engagement.  With the objective of wanting to be the site people come to provide everyday meals for everyday people.

Successful social media interactions is more about quality vs. quantity and that interactions should be useful and meaningful to the membership that are genuine, authentic and meaningful.  Esmee and the team have opted to not turn up the heat and generate a lot of noise and followers; they’ve adopted a sustainable steady engagement model that is more in tune with their brand and past tactics.

In this episode, Guy points at the Community Engagement Funnel from the upcoming book and talks about how it fits into the Media Engagement Framework (you can get more information on the Media Engagement Framework in our webinar – sign-up now!)

Off-site, in their social presence, AllRecipes can and does promote the brand, but Esmee shares that the once people get to the site, it is all about the visitor being able to quickly and easily get the content they came for; recipes – and if they choose, connections with the community.  AllRecipes job then is to just ‘stand out of the way’ and let people consume the content they came for.

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