ROI of Social Media Badge at In this final episode of the podcast with Jeff Katz of Twitalyzer we cover the tonality and sentimentality of automated analytics and how it still requires a good deal of human intervention.  Jason Falls / had a post about this idea and a great product / service from Sentiment360 – this is where this process is heading, at least for the near term.

Twitalyzer Logo at Jeff observes that at least we can get some trending data from the existing tools, but the art & science of tone / sentiment analysis is still fairly human-centric and that organization would do well to put a person into the process.  The vagaries of language, jargon and the constantly evolving nature of slang will make this a task fit for human for quite some time to come. 

Where is Twitalyzer going and what’s keeping them up at night? The biggest concern for Twitalyzer is handling the continuing changes pouring out from the data providers, but they’re confident that the challenge is manageable and it is the work they are about.  Twitalyzer recognizes their part in answering the question of how social media is used for business and Jeff cites that social media analytics tools are at about the same place web analytics tools were about 5-10 years ago – growing fast and changing often.

Listening Guy at Social media for business is growing and entering the main stream for businesses small and larger alike.  The tactics vary but the premise is the same and that is to connect with your customers and pay attention to the conversation.  Where Twitalyzer comes in is in being able to segment out the real influencers in the community and making sure the conversations stay relevant.

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This is the final episode of the three part podcast with Jeff.  Guy Powell and I want to thank him; we appreciate his perspective and taking the time to share it with us in our podcast interview!

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