ROI of Social Media badge at Andrew Pickup is the Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft Corporation in the Asia Pacific Region.  We were very excited to get the opportunity to speak with Andrew and find out about the work they are doing in Asia Pacific.  Joining Guy Powell and myself for the interview also was our co-author, Jerry Dimos of LiTMUS Group in Singapore.  Good to have you on the call Jerry!

Andrew Pickup picture at We begin our interview with Andrew as he shares a few bullets from his presentation at the recent ad:tech conference in Singapore on the Windows7 Launch.  The campaign focused on the aspect of the development of Windows7 that leverage consumer input and ideas and with 8 million beta users, the campaign put real users in front of consumer in a way that helped people to see themselves in the role of “I’m a PC and Windows7 was my idea’”.  The campaign was a great success for Microsoft and helped support the worldwide launch very effectively.

Microsoft logo at Microsoft’s approach to social marketing comes from a perspective that they should be a leader in social media and able to engage very effectively.  With 93 of out every 100 PC’s sold coming with the Microsoft operating systems and the majority of people are buying a PC today to connect to the Internet, most computer systems today present an opportunity to connect consumers with their social media presence.

For Microsoft, social marketing is an integral part of a campaign strategy that is embedded into their thinking.  When planning a campaign they look to 3 digital networks to get their message out –

  1. Paid Media – this is the area that lets a company go out and buy media assets (content and advertisements) around the brand on sites (banner ads, SEM, etc.) 
  2. Owned & Operated Media – Microsoft owned 3 of the top 10 site on the Internet;, Windows Live, Bing.  In Asia Pacific they have a reach of the 160M consumers through Microsoft, MSN, Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger.
  3. Earned Media – this is where social media resides in the marketing strategy; whether it is words, pictures or video, this is where consumers will pick up the content and re-purpose it and re-present their interpretation of the brand.

The three are inter-related and the earned media component Amplified and magnifying a message in ways that Microsoft might never have considered.

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