… well, maybe not the world, but I know four guys who took a bit of a breather before jumping right back in.  Stuart, Michael, Jon and I have all been busting our butts to hit the product launch target for Silent Dispatch of December 1.  The product is a bit tardy getting out there, but we think we’ve done a lot of things right in making sure the product was ready for the market.

100_3550Technology-wise, Silent Dispatch is very current – a cloud computing model that makes the best of client / server just work like it’s supposed to.  Thin, lightweight clients and all the heavy lifting done on the back end in a way that insulates the user from the burden of server farms and all the rest.

The marketing model is all social media with some regular activity, like conference thrown in, but it’s really been about connecting to the community online and offline.

We’ve learned a lot in the process too – the lessons you learn as entrepreneurs about developing, marketing and shipping a product with the kind of capability this one has.

The next step is to gauge the markets reaction to the new version and see how we can drive the adoption rate from the free product to the premium product.  We have [people that have been waiting so the next few weeks will be a really teller for us.

What else is happening?  Well I’ve been so heads down on putting together all the pieces   We’re still talking to people who want to invest in our growth and we’re looking at marketing relationships that will matter so we still have a long way to go.

I have not had much time to share what the experience has been like.  Ask me out for a cup of coffee and I’ll share my thoughts – otherwise, just subscribe here, it should make a good read.