ROI_SMGraphics_LG CorePurpose logo at CorePurpose’s adoption of social media did not occur until January 2009, so while Ms. Koerber-Walker claims ‘late bloomer’ status, her results speak volumes for a consistent, conscientious approach in using social media.  Her initial goals for metrics were exceeded relative to her expectations and she claims that they have led to additional prospects and customers for CorePurpose. 

The primary application of social media for CorePurpose is for community building and advertising, so metrics are not necessarily revenue related, but there are key performance indicators (KPIs) that support an understanding of how a social media presence leads to to revenue.

How does CorePurpose monitor their presence and what are the metrics she uses?   The tools are simple enough; Google Alerts, Google Analytics, Feedburner, and YouTube stats.  They do not employ any of the for-fee tools to track their segmented presence right now.

google_logo The various KPIs are pretty straightforward too; where did they access a resources that their social media presence made possible, where did CorePurpose make a connection that was directly related to their social media presence, did they get a customer that came from a social network or were they able to find a piece of information for a client or research that the social media presence provided?

CorePurpose monitors the number of hits a blog posts receive, how comments made by visitors and from those indicators, they get a sense of what people are looking for in terms of the online content they post – and based upon the result, they move to determine if an engagement might result in a productive off-line, real-life relationship.  So another KPI is ‘of those conversations that begin online, how many convert to an offline, person-to-person conversation.’

In this episode, Joan introduces as an international source of traffic to her main blog and how it’s impacted her traffic.  With her extensive adoption and use of Google tools, she responds to a question on how she adopts a particular social media tool.   The short answer is that she watches what tools are being produced and talked about, watched adoption and only after the early adopters have share their experiences and how they are innovating with it, does it enter her earnest consideration.  Joan discusses how her adoption of Twitter evolved for her and likens it to whether or not Google Wave might become a part of her toolset.

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