MC Mechanic Shane Willis If a marketer relies on social marketing to help drive awareness and driving consumer behavior, does it lower the demand for good creative?

I read an article today over at by Pete Blackshaw titled ‘Who Owns Social Anyway?’ and enjoyed one thing in particular in his article.  Pete pointed out the left-brain, right-brain battle many of us feel in social media. 

For me at least, there is a desire to place some structure around our behavior and activity while simultaneously wanting to rebel and rail against structure in the pursuit of a social presence that is genuine and honest in the content and thus, often produced in the spirit of a just-in-time, get it our the door to share mentality.

This pushmi-pullyu split personality then asked if the advent of social media might have unintentionally lowered the bar for good creative efforts.  Witness the amazing visitor counts ‘Fred Figglehorn’ has produced on YouTube (471M at last count) and his stuff is, hmmm… to my ears irritating, to say the best and the product demonstrates low production values to say the least, but that is all a part of Fred’s allure – it’s fresh and edgy, which is appealing to that audience segment.

Contrast it to the segments of This is another YouTube channel, this one for the people at BlendTec.  They have a higher degree of production values (sets, multiple camera angles and audio editing) and the content is directly aligned with their product, high-quality home blenders that can take what you throw at them.  They have a little over 108M views vs. Freds 471M, albeit Fred has a years head start on them.

So does social media lower the bar for creative? Is it more important to get something posted and out there than spending a lot more time & money on quality creative content?  *sigh* I think so… I believe it is much more important to engage the audience than to refine, refine, and refine again to the point the content is so flashy and the message is well presented, but the urgency and edginess that connects the producer to the audience to the moment is lost.

Should you do any production work then?  Yes, some scrubbing of video or audio prior to posting is good, you can lightly massage the content, leave in all the message, but the real message here is to get the content out there and let the audience decide what the value is.

Social Marketing Conversations Soft-launch

To that end I present to you all the new brand of ‘Social Marketing Conversations’ – a relaunch of my evolving personal brand and company around the upcoming book Guy Powell, Jerry Dimos and I are writing on the topic of ROI in social media – it is not done yet and there are several components of the business model that are still in process, but I felt it important to get the name and the company launched. 

I will put up a separate post on the new company, update my ‘About’ page and connect it to the new Facebook page (, so you can get a sense on what it is all about, but the last several weeks have been a real grind in getting the manuscript to the point where we’re all about ready to release it and get it to the publisher (John Wiley & Sons – the same people who do the ‘Dummy’ series).

I read the Adage article and have been doing a lot of busy work, but this subject came up and I knew that a post on just get it out there was relevant and a great topic to get me posting again here at 

Thanks for visiting and reading – see you in social media!

Image Courtesy of Shane Willis / MC MECHANIC – HAND FIXING HAND – Homage to MC Escher