question-mark Key A frequent topic in conversation with businesses looking to leverage social media is ‘what do I talk about?’  It’s a fair question and one that many of us have had to deal with in varying degrees.  I have friends who come to social media from journalism and are very prolific and then I know others who have come from marketing, technology or entrepreneurship and we are (yes, I am one of them) sometimes struggling to find regular topics to explore that are of interest to our audience.

ROI_SMGraphics. Joan talks about accepting the challenge of developing her own content for her presence and reveals the genesis of her #BeOriginal blog / project and how she overcame the challenge of developing meaningful content for her worldwide social presence, and how she has used social media as a tactic to reach out and connect with other thought leaders, regardless of their location on the globe.

What kinds of obstacles does Joan face in using more social media or using it better?  As an established business leader, writer and public speaker, Joan cites that social media was not a start-up strategy, as it is for many businesses, it is an expansion of the thought leadership, visibility and publicity programs she already had underway and she compares the use of social media in a traditional marketing / advertising model for institutional companies vs. the tactics and tools used even a few years ago.  She cites how social media as an institutional advertising tactic is quickly emerging and how CorePurpose has transitioned all their institutional advertising to online and an expanded, long term ‘word-of-mouth’ campaign.

She diagrams some of the tactics on how Avnet, her employer prior to going solo, as an example on how a F500 company has adopted social media in a segmented model to connect to audiences in a B2B model – the segmentation strategy is one she uses herself and a topic we covered in our first episode

The biggest obstacle to using more social media is the irreplaceable commodity of time.  She also shares her opinions how self-proclaimed social media experts that do not listen to their audience and have feeble followings – how can they be an expert if they cannot develop their own following or if they leave their tools lying fallow in a cornfield?

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