cmark 100x100 ROI_SMGraphics We begin this final episode with Joan Koerber-Walker, CEO of CorePurpose a global management consulting firm based in Phoenix, by comparing traditional and social platforms and how engagement with an audience, or a lack of engagement, becomes more obvious the deeper you go into a social media presence.  Many business people are still looking at social media as just another media channel or a project you can establish and then ‘set-and-forget’ and it is anything but and a lack of engagement becomes painfully obvious.

The use of social in a business-to-business setting is really an extension of the idea that people do not do business with businesses, people do business with people; the transparency that social media afford is relevant and is important as the adoption of media channels with social elements emerge and are more widely adopted.  The consumer, whether in business or personal transactions must first trust and believe in the people and team behind the brand.

KoerberWalker056_thumb[1] The value of an online presence and how it translates to an offline presence is relevant for business as well.  A listener in the audience of the broadcast we did asks about the use of social media to create a real-life connection.  Joan responds that she sees “meet-up” as opportunities to gauge the effectiveness of the online strategy, but whether the meet-up is impromptu or planned weeks in advance, the events that begin online allow people to meet and share their passion.  These days it is often a passion about social media. So she dive a bit deeper and suggests that a meet-up that is a meet-up with other social media people is often not an application of time CorePurpose invests their time in.

She also explores how the use of social media has benefitted a non-profit she heads up, that would be the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation, or OTEF (disclaimer: Joan and I both serve on the board of OTEF).  She shares her educational journey in social media on her blog where she chronicles the things she has learned during the last year through trial & error and a little help from her friends.

She advises business to not lose sight of the social media marketing channel and to respect that it is an extension of a  communication strategy that uses a different medium – one that demands socializing, which is sometimes a very different medium than the business might be used to.  Nonetheless, Joan suggests that you still need to go through many of the same questions you have to go through using traditional media, which is –

  • who is my audience,
  • what are they looking for,
  • where will I access them, and
  • how will I interact? 

Summary – Find out what your audience wants, where they are and then simply go there and deliver it.

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This is the final episode of the podcast with Joan and Guy Powell and I want to thank her; we appreciate her perspective and taking the time to share it with us during a live broadcast!

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