ROI_SMGraphics_LG_thumb2[2] I found and used Andrew Pickup’s Twitter ID (@AndrewPickup) profile in the recording where he introduced himself as “Husband, father, friend, and colleague; currently Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft in Asia-Pacific; a bad-golfer, dangerous-skier, and a frequent-traveler; lives in Singapore, works anywhere.”

He has since updated it to read “Husband, Father, Microsoft, Marketing, Asia-Pacific, Singapore, British, Golf, Ski-ing, Travel, Kids, Fun. Not necessarily in that order…”.

The the changes I think reflects a perspective that, like the rest of us, his and Microsoft’s social media presence is an ever evolving aspect of daily life (at least is golf is no longer bad and his skiing is no longer dangerous!)

AndrewPickup_thumb1[1] We were really grateful to have corralled Andrew for a about a half hour to conduct this interview via overseas long-distance, so while the recording quality is so-so, the content has been tremendous.

microsoft_logo[1] In previous episodes Andrew introduced us to the concept of the 3 digital networks that Microsoft work with and we heard about the tools and tactics they use to manage the 100’s of thousands of posts that are made about them every day.  Andrew has also talked about the challenges the culture, communications infrastructure and geography pose for him in managing the far-flung reaches of his region and in episode 4 yesterday, Andrew took us through the path that a consumer might follow to the digital network that delivers the best ROI for Microsoft in AsiaPac – the owned and operated network of Microsoft’s own online media assets.

In this episode we conclude the interview with Andrew pointing out that in their area, mobile computing is very likely to become the predominate platform for accessing social media by as soon at 2012 or so and he sees mobile and location-based services as an area of opportunity and growth for Microsoft’s social marketing.

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To get a hold of Microsoft, look at any one of their websites,, or  Andrew can be connected with via Twitter (@AndrewPickup) and his Linkedin profile.

This is the final episode of the five part podcast with Andrew Pickup.  Guy Powell, Jerry Dimos and I want to thank him; we appreciate his perspective and taking the time to share it with us in our podcast interview!

Here are links to material related to the interview that you may find useful; the entire conversation in one extended recording and a transcript of the conversation

Play / Download Andrew Pickup / Microsoft AsiaPac Entire Interview Podcast Here

Read / view the Andrew Pickup / Microsoft AsiaPac Podcast Transcript at

We’re very interested in your perspective on the topic and, if you have a great interview who can add to the conversation, please let us know – we’re looking to interview them and put it up here!

Thank you again to you our listeners – hope you enjoyed the effort and work we put into it!

The Podcast and Credit For Where Credit is Due – This podcast / transcript was developed from a live recorded interview on May 31th, 2010 between Andrew Pickup, Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft in Asia Pacific, Guy Powell, Jerry Dimos and Steven Groves.

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