ROI of Social Media badge at Yesterday we were able to deliver to our publisher the initial manuscript for book, ‘ROI of Social Media’ (which is the working title, we should have the final title here any day) and all we can say is ‘whew’!

The process of working with Guy Powell and Jerry Dimos has been a tremendous experience and I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve learned in the process, but I do understand how it will impact the level of service I can deliver to my clients.  The association with these two men allowed me, as primarily a social media guy, to really grasp the scope of what social marketing does and what it will mean to marketers wanting to honestly connect with the audience of influencers, consumers, and individuals.

The video podcast posted here (after the break) is one that Guy and I recorded as an introduction of us to others – we’ll be pulling Jerry into one here soon.  In this episode, Guy and I talk about our backgrounds and how we came to meet.  The process of connecting with one another and the work we’ve undertaken so far has been a fantastic case study in the power of social media (we met via Linkedin) and the ROI for a personal brand in social media.

We hope you enjoy the video and, because it is presented here using Viddler, you can make comments on in the timeline for us and others that will come to view the video. 


My Co-Authors on the ROI of Social Media

Guy Powell at Guy Powell is the author of ‘Marketing Calculator: Measuring and managing return on marketing investment’ and runs DemandROMI, a global marketing consulting firm our of his home in Atlanta Georgia.  The conversations we’ve had, the tactics he’s shared, and the ideas we’ve discussed have established the foundations for the several models we produced for the book that are (at least in my mind) very good in helping to understand the ROI of a social presence for business. 

Jerry Dimos at Jerry Dimos is a brand strategist with The LiTMUS Group in Singapore and as the third co-author, he influenced the content of the book in ways that a) assured we addressed many strategic brand / branding concerns and b) provided an international aspect to the book that we might not have otherwise been able to achieve – this book was written with an international marketing in mind and many of the interviews and case studies explored the use of social in a global marketplace.

Through the process of writing the manuscript we’ve all become friends and are committed to exploring the question of ROI in social marketing and social media explored – the book will take the discussion a few more steps down the path for the industry we’re sure, but regardless of what we think, it is you all who will buy the book and read it that will tell us what kind of value it brings to your efforts. 

We cannot wait to hear the feedback from everyone and we’re committed to supporting the conversation via our Facebook group (now at over 815 members and we’ve not yet shipped the book!), at Linkedin (95 members) or wherever it makes sense to connect and explore the content.

About the Video

The video podcast was captured using ooVoo, with the intro audio developed using Audacity, which is available from, and based on clips from ‘4toFloor’ a music loop from member ‘Rooks’ and posted at