ROI of Social Media Badge at Esmee Williams is adding a dash of social media into and a few teaspoons of social marketing.  In our last episode we heard from Esmee Williams, VP of Brand Marketing at AllRecipes, that household cooks all across America have been using the site since 1997, well before social media was in vogue but in a very social way.  The growth of the site to become the worlds largest recipe and food-oriented site was due to word-of-mouth and consumers just telling other consumers.  The effect is over 16M visitors a month and over 3.6M paid members.

esmee_bw_upclose[1] In this episode Esmee shares that since then , the consumers interest in social media has only driven more and more growth for their vertically oriented community site.  The primary challenge for Esmee and her team are in meeting the expectations of the consumers by adding just the right tools and capabilities that make the content more useful and meaningful to the primary audience at AllRecipes – busy Moms needing quick, delicious recipes. logo at Social Marketing Conversations The second challenge is keeping up with the number of devices that can be used to access the AllRecipes content – desktop computers, laptop computers, touchpads and mobile devices.  Each presented a different paradigm for use of the content and each requires a different approach – Esmee shares that a ‘cookie cutter approach is a recipe for disaster’ because the device is an indicator of how the visitor might be using the content.   A mobile user may be shopping for ingredients, a desktop user is printing out the recipe to take to the kitchen and a laptop / touchscreen pad user may be in the kitchen, referencing the computer as they cook.

Their research has shown that about 2/3rd of cooks are willing to take their laptop directly into the kitchen and the percentage of people wanting to do so is growing.  That trend led the AllRecipes team to develop ‘KitchenView’ – KitchenView presents the recipe optimized for a computer that can be accessed while in the kitchen and shows a recipe and preparation instructions on a single screen – very handy when they have their hands full of ingredients and cannot touch the keyboard to scroll down.

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