ROI_SMGraphics_LG21[1] Our conversation with Aneta Hall / Emerging Media Manager for Pitney Bowes (PB) has been very informative to say the least.

If you would have told me a year ago that a 90 year old company would be an innovator in enterprise social media, I’m pretty sure I would not have believed you.  After the time spent with Aneta, I can tell you that a 90 year old company is being really innovative in the enterprise deployment of social media and they’re showing a measureable ROI.

PitneyBowes_Logo1_thumb[1] In the last two episodes we’ve covered elements of how PB has done it too.  First, they approached it from an understanding that social media is not a set-and-forget proposition; they recognized a need for needed a sustainable program that at the same time, did not inhibit individual participation.  They also understood that they needed to put some tools in place, watch key performance indicators (KPIs) and apply metrics, looking for the ROI; those efforts have led to a $300K saving in call-center deflections in a 3 month period.

I know that Guy and I are looking forward to connecting with her at the MeasureUp event in Chicago next month and to put a live presence with the enthusiastic personality she has  shown in the podcast series here.

MeasureUp 2010 LogoIn this episode Aneta lets us know that while they do set certain measures and metrics in place, they are certainly open to evaluating them and updating policy as PB learns what actually makes a difference to their customers and to the bottom line.   We open the discussion referring to the Twitter, Facebook and online forums that PB maintains, but Aneta tells us that social media at PB is not about an overarching corporate social presence. At the end of the day social media is about people connecting to people, and it needs to be a sustainable level of one-on-one social media interactions with PB employees taking the lead.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Aneta shares that she approaches her responsibility as someone whose job it is to think differently, a little outside the box, and to be a guide for PB to a more social future.  This perspective is what constitutes her biggest responsibility in working supporting the PB business units.  He position is not to handle the effort herself; she focuses in on strategy, training and supporting the PB staff, the business units get to decide how and where in the social media ecosphere to reach out to their audience.

We close this three part series with Aneta sharing aspects of the process of social media measurement at PB.  As she sees it, the situation is similar to the early 90’s when corporations struggled to understand how best to develop and present a web presence; she suggests that right now is the time to establish a presence, explore the environment and measurement best practices.  Companies who do so today, and periodically adjust their business model along the way are going to be the winners in the new market model supported by social media.

She and the team can be found at Pitney Bowes on Facebook, @PBNews, @PBConnect and @AnetaH on Twitter, and she blogs at    As we wrap up she disclosers her passion (and addiction) to social media and how she looks forward to the time in between session at the upcoming MeasureUp conference, after all, that is where the real connections get made a conferences don’t they!

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This is the final episode of the three part podcast with Aneta Hall.  Guy Powell and I want to thank her; we appreciate her perspective and taking the time to share it with us in our podcast interview!

Here are links to material related to the interview that you may find useful; the entire conversation in one extended recording and soon, a transcript of the conversation

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We’re very interested in your perspective on the topic and, if you have a favored presenter or person who can add to the conversation, please let us know – we’re looking to interview him / her and put it up here!

Thank you again to you our listeners – hope you enjoyed the effort and work we put into it!

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