Michael Buck pic at SocialMarketingConversations.com In our last episode we met Michael Buck and he shared with us the Four Pillars Dell relies on for their online presence.  This is a presence that has supported millions of dollars annually in revenue and support call center avoidance.

ROI of Social Media badge at SocialMarketingConversations.com In this episode Michael suggest that while there are distinct differences in employing social media to connect to the business-to-consumers (B2C) and the business-to-business (B2B) audience, both groups benefit from the engagement between the vendor and other customers.

What Michael shares with us is that the B2B sector is not as active or engaged in popular social media platforms as B2C and that B2B requires a bit more facilitation to get them to interact and participate.  What he also tells us is that there is a much broader set of influencers and decision makers in a company setting that need to be addressed and that Dell deploys a broader set of communication tools in the effort to reach them.

Dell logo at SocialMarketingConversations.com The adoption of metrics that demonstrate success however is never an issue; Dell is a very metrics driven organization.  As important as the metrics are though, they first examine the Customer Value Drivers that support the communication tactics they deploy to connect with the audience.

Michael shares the Customer Value Drivers for Dell –

  1. Provide a meaningful connection with customers based on shared interest
  2. Provide the customer the ability to express themselves
  3. Provide recognition for contributions the customer provides
  4. Support the customer in getting advice, validation, or assurance of their decision making
  5. Help solve the customers problem

The Customer Value Drivers relate to 5 particular metrics –

  1. Customer Insights That Drive Innovation
  2. Marketing Spend Efficiency
  3. Conversion Rates
  4. Customer Lifecycle Value
  5. Cost Savings / Support Call Center Avoidance

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