I consume a good deal of media, but probably not all I might but a pretty health dose nonetheless.  I confess that the real reason I get a daily paper has more to do with the comics and the crossword puzzle – the sensational trash that fills the pages otherwise is destine to go to the recycling bin unread for the most part.

The other day I came across this cartoon and have told a few people about it and promised to post it.  I found it online over at Arcamax Publishing and linked it here for your enjoyment.  Zits is one of the strips I read everyday, I think because I have a teenage son and daughter that mimic Jeremy’s (the main character) behavior pretty frequently .  We talk often about the technology they and their friends use and Twitter has not yet made it to their mobile device, but I suspect it soon will.

The cartoon got me thinking about the penetration of Twitter into our society.  Is this a landmark event when it makes it to the comic pages of print media?

<< the strip was removed from online publication, looking for a link to it >>

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