TSMB Logo 2 colorIt is with great pleasure that we announce the pre-order availability of The Social Media Bible and the launch of the companion website, TheSocialMediaBible.com. 

image What is it? A prodigious undertaking of compiling the companies, tactics, tools, and best practices of the world of social media.  It leverages current media in a way that is both significant and substantial in drawing businesses and users into the world of social media.

By using print publishing, the book opens the conversation with ink on paper and then provides a connection to an online resource.  The online component is an integral part of the design of the book and, interestingly enough, was developed with the use of several social media technologies.

This post is about the book, The Social Media Bible.

Who is it for?  If you are an expert in social media, this book needs to be on your shelf (and you may have a role to play in future editions).  If you work with people who do not yet understand social media, you need to refer them to this book as a starting off point.  If you are a business person who want to begin a process of understand the tactics, tools, and some sample strategies that social media makes available to you – this is the manna from heaven you’ve been looking for.

TSMB Book Cover (1) How did this come about? The formulation step was a recognition that no such volume existed and that if we in the social media industry we’re going to be able to reach the larger offline audience, we needed to give them tools they were comfortable with first.

A first step was creating a framework to identify & help categorize the many, many permutations of tools and technology the social media industry.  This was undertaken by Lon Safko and David Brake as co-authors.  They identified 15 categories of fundamental social media technology (see chart on right) and then identified elementary tactics of each, tools that exemplified them and finally, some examples of the strategies embodied in their deployment. 

The created polls and asked over 1,000 people both in and outside of the social media industry series of questions to establish the state of understanding on what social media is, how it was impacting them and how they saw their businesses / industry being affected by it.  The results of those polls are very illuminating.

Lon conducted hours of interviews (available on podcast’s at the new site) and each was transcribed by for the book.  Hundred of links were collected and assembled and when it was all said and done, John Wiley & Sons (the publisher of the Dummies Series and thousands of other business & technology book) ended up printing the largest book in their 202 year history at 744 pages.

The website at TheSocialMediaBible.com is designed to complement and act as a supplement to the book.  The industry is constantly changing, so the companion website is an online, up-to-date site that is updated often (like daily) and supports the linkage from one media form to another.

What on the site now?  The online project that will have two phases, Phase 1 is designed to support the presale of the book and it is live now. 

Phase 2 will take the website through a couple of permutations to produce a site that eventually will have a database of as many social media tools as we can identify, but this is where you, as social media users come in.  We have planned a section of the site that will have you, the real experts working in collaborating on future editions of the Social Media Bible. 

The heavy lifting of the site design and graphics is being done by the amazing team at MediaSauce out of Carmel, Indiana.  They are an extraordinary interactive media firm and have the horsepower to get a site like this done in a timely manner.

Phase 1 is live now.  On the site you can preorder a copy from your favorite book retailer and add your name to the list of social media gurus who want to collaborate on the next edition.

Phase 2 is going live around the end of April, coinciding with the book launch in early May.  We’re looking for your input!