Amanda Vega Shoes at #TSMB Event on TwitpicToday’s Social Media Symposium at the Heard Museum was very nicely attended.  173 people showed up to hear Lon, Amanda Vega and I talk about social media.  We put up a Twitter feed next to the slides, had catering and a really nice facility at the Heard Museums’ Steele Auditorium.  The event had numerous sponsors, but the heavy lifting was from IBM, ASBA and the Heard Museum itself.  Many thanks to all of them in making this event possible.

Lon and Amanda also signed copies of their respective books, The Social Media Bible and PR in a Jar.  I spoke about Twitter for Business, Lon about social media in general and Amanda covered her specialty, Comment Marketing.  A lot of people came up and asked for more info on how they could further leverage social media for their business and the interest came from a broad audience; nonprofit’s, video stores and services companies.

While Amanda and I were waiting in the wings, she told me about her passion for fashionable shoes, including the ones she was wearing.  I took out my Moto Q, snapped a pic and send the image to TwitPic, which also posted a message to my Twitter feed.  The shoes became a background for a few stories, the best of which had Amanda getting an email during lunch from a company CEO.

It seems the tweet with the picture had made it to my followers, sure enough.  From there a few people decided to re-tweet the same message, so in addition to my 1,200+ followers, some number of some other Twitter users followers ALSO got the picture.  Eventually, the picture wound up in the hands of the wife of the company CEO, who called her husband and said she wanted a pair like them.

Now, in spite of being a CEO, he was being tasked to find out where the shoes came from and how he could get a pair for his wife – a very highly paid shoe clerk!

While looking to find out who it was that owned the shoe in the picture, he came across Amanda’s website.  It seems he is looking for an online marketing program and a new PR firm.  Amanda Vega Consulting might just fit the bill!  Between the need for a new PR firm and the red shoes in the picture, he was intrigued enough to send Amanda an email and introduce himself

Why This is Relevant – This is a great story about how social media works, one trusted network, linked to another.  One linked to a buyer and the other linked to a seller.  It also speaks volumes about what you might share with others. Everyone knows Amanda, Lon and I work in social media, but my tweet had NOTHING to do with social media tactics, tools or strategy – it was a personal comment I made using social media technology.

Let’s stay tuned to see how the story plays out.