SDC10091 My oldest child, Steven Groves II, passed yesterday.  The medical examiner has not finished their work, but it appears he succumbed to a battle with drugs.

I’m still working on how these events fit into the journey of my life and those around me, but the outpouring of support from my online and offline community have shown me again, how important it is to be in a community and how critical it is to have friends around you when things are difficult.

Steven did not have any means set aside or insurance to cover his passing, nor did his Mother or I.  Burying a child is just not something I think any of us would plan for.

Francine Hardaway, Joan Kerber-Walker and Lon Safko have set up a Chip-in site for people who are interested and able to help us with the costs.  I’ve promised that any fund remaining after covering costs will be donated to a drug addiction treatment program.

I’ll end my post today by asking you all to just stop – stop whatever you are doing and turn to the people you love (your spouse, partner, child, parent, whomever) and tell them you love them.  I have made it a steady practice in my life with my kids, they were the last word I shared with my son… in all the stream of things I now have to deal with I’m grateful for at least that.