‘One click [that would be your click] can help feed 140 kids TODAY!”

HungerPledgechampionprofilebadge I’m a cause kind of guy and have either started, joined, led or otherwise been involved in soooo many causes that 1) I really have to pick and choose the things I can get involved with anymore and 2) I still volunteer and get involved anyway when something moves me.

When we went back to do some planning on a project at MediaSauce, I met the amazing Saucer (the term for MediaSauce people) Scott Henderson.  The next day I was able to listen to a seminar presentation he gave on cause marketing – good message and a great presentation by the team.

Since then Scott has draw me into this effort, This website is a joint effort of Tyson Foods, Share Our Strength, Hum. Minds at Work., Kompolt, and MediaSauce. It is designed to make it easy for people to do something meaningful in the short-term and create a dialogue about solving the root issues.

The recruitment was not a lot of effort mind you, and he and I have thrown down the gauntlet to prove how Arizona can ‘out click’ the Indiana crowd on this great effort so in order to put the Indiana crown in their place, I need Arizona people (or people tweeted by Arizona people) to get seriously behind this effort and help Pledge to End Hunger.

I am very happy to push this particular cause out for the team (and to whip them at their own game mind you) and there is a bit of it that carries over to SXSW, so read up on it – Click here and become a supporter of the Pledge to End Hunger.

What To Do –

  • Decide to Support the Pledge to End Hunger
  • Visit the website www.PledgeToEndHunger.com
  • Enroll and elect to either Give, Volunteer or Share the message – they all count toward the goal

Make a difference!