CHAMPIONprofilebadgeChildhood Hunger in America is Real

More than 12.4 million children are going hungry right here in the US. That’s 1 out of 6. Chances are you know at least one of them. With an economy that threatens to force those numbers upward, significant steps must be made to stem the tide. We hope you join us!

Scott Henderson at mediasauce is being joined by Chris Brogan, Beth Kanter and now me to promote an end to childhood hunger in the United States.  This is not the childhood hunger where your (well, my…) daughter gets up late and misses breakfast on her way out the door to school, this is a persistent condition that children are being malnourished by conditions beyond the control of the adults in their lives.  It might be the economy (easy to blame), might be personal choice of parents or caretakers that ends up impacting the kids (drug or alcohol use) but the abundance of food on the planet that is not reaching our kids can be remedied.

This is the second such endeavor I’ve come across to move toward a cure for hunger.  The other is being headed up by my friend George Roundy, who has spent the last decade committed to ending hunger through his work in The Hunger Project and more recently he has turned his efforts to a project to cure hunger a little closer to home.  His effort is called ‘The All In Campaign to Transform Poverty to Sufficiency for All’ and in it he is applying the teachings he has learned from The Hunger Project and he is seeking to making a difference in Phoenix Arizona.  With his Ning site up to over 120 members, looks like he’s reaching people and connecting private, public and non-profit efforts in Phoenix.

I admire any and all efforts that seek to alter the status quo – and I’ll be a Champion on this one too.  Thanks for the invite Scotty!

Here’s the link for more info about the Pledge to End Hunger program that we’re supporting with our partners at MediaSauce