Pablo_Picasso_Hand2Head Wow – looking back at the posts made here at and seeing that the last post I made was the one with Michael Buck from Dell in July – here we all are in September!  I am amazed and somewhat embarrassed but in my defense, a lot has gone on since that post - 

  • My laptop died, had to get a new one and rebuild it
  • I was uprooted / moved from one home / office to one in Central Phoenix (BIG transition there, still settling in)
  • My 18 year old son moved in
  • Took a business trip to Malaysia with Guy Powell & Jerry Dimos, my co-authors on the ROI of Social Media – able to talk to several new and prospective clients
  • Opened files for several new / prospective clients here in Arizona – thanks to some word-of-mouth referrals made by some dear friends
  • Lastly, and possibly most impactful was I went through a hugely disruptive spat of news regarding my dearly loved twin sister Stephanie and the potential diagnosis of her developing a brain tumor; a second opinion says she doesn’t have one and we’re all praying that that becomes a non-incident.

…and you get the idea.  No apologies, life has continued to happen and my media creation has lagged.

I am also way down on my media consumption; I usually read / review several hundred blog posts a day; not for several weeks have I been able to open a Google Reader that did not belong to a client project.  I always share what I like that I find and you can subscribe to my shared items here – I call it the ‘Best of The Best Feed’.

On the good side – there is a HUGE backlog of content on my computer that should start moving to the web here soon.  Podcasts from companies using social media with good effect, videos of the authors of the ROI of Social Media and a new community site for the book which should be coming up any day now. 

ROI_SMGraphics The ROI of Social Media community site is nearing a soft launch (click here to subscribe to this blog feed from Feedburner – you’ll get notice when it opens) – The community site will be a place where we’ll concentrate content from the book and invite people into a dialog focused on the models we present in the book for measuring and managing media.  It will be a place where we all can exchange ideas, improve the case studies and we can fulfill the promises for online content we made in the book – one of the elements we present is a model for evaluating measurement and monitoring tool and we promised to provide an online crowd-sourced director of tools.  We’ve seen some really good directories on this topic so far, referencing what we all know will be a part of the community function.

In any case, I’m feeling a bit more balance coming back into my efforts so the content should start back up.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me in these efforts over the last few months, especially Cynthia, who is my girlfriend, best friend and who has been the ‘wind beneath my wings’, supporting me in just amazing ways.

Look for more content soon!  Good to be back!