This also my third year working with the team to put on the event and it went as smooth as I might ever have wished for; the general session speakers provided really excellent presentations, the catering was expertly handled by the Marriott team, the AV was good (sorry about that snafu Howard, you handled it well though) and the team responded every time when and where needed to make sure the audience enjoyed the event.  I’ll add my thanks to those of my associates and point out special recognition of the vision of Francine Hardaway, the talents of Brian Shaler and Rhonda Lintner as our core team.

OTEF Logo The sponsors deserve a lot of thanks – you all helped make the event possible and you contributed generously to the mission of OTEF; Microsoft BizSpark, Infusionsoft, Wells-Fargo, Osborn Maledon, C-Scan Technologies, City of Tempe Community Development, Arizona Department of Commerce, Deru Internet, Phoenix Business Journal, HSL Financial, Gangplank, Digestif, Sacks PR, BusinessWire, and BrainSavers all made meaningful contributions.  Metro Studios and Essential Event Technologies made service and in-kind donations as well

The speakers, the breakout session presenters, the staff at ASBA and Joan Kerber-Walker all deserve some thank too.  Chuck Reynolds did a great website, Justin Crossman produced a great logo, Melissa Balkan / StrongDesign gave us a program I know I used every minute.There are probably a dozen or so other people that made contributions I did not mention, but the sponsors all helped make the event possible with their generous donations of money, resources or in-kind products and services.  All of which I know are mentioned at

What’s next? a well deserved rest (I’m in Claypool Hill, Virginia as I write this, visiting friends) and then back to the work of launching Silent Dispatch, looking at next years event (promising to be event bigger & better) and enjoying the upcoming holiday with my family.  OTEF’s work for next spring is set it seems, looks like the event did it’s job by raising enough to fund a program next year in the community.

See you all soon.